Our HR Health Assessment has been especially designed to give a complete report on the HR activities within your business.

We look at what you currently do to manage HR matters, identifying what you do well and what you need to improve.

We also look at what you don’t do, identifying the gaps and providing recommendations on what you need to take your HR management to the next level.

This assessment helps identify any risks or non-compliance to employment legislation and what your ongoing business needs might be for HR support.

Our report provides you with a comprehensive overview of what needs your immediate attention (high risk areas), and other areas which may need longer-term rectification or improvement (low risk).

The report includes a FREE ANNUAL HR PLAN, identifying a recommended calendar for your business. This can be used to map out the activities your business should undertake over a calendar year.

Most importantly we look at YOUR BUSINESS OPERATIONS and ensure our report covers the unique operational activities of your business.

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An experienced HR Business Partner will conduct a full review of the HR frameworks, policies, processes and practices in your business and provide you with a detailed report on our findings and recommendations.

The report provides:

  • Summary of the TOP PERFORMING areas of your HR practices

  • Summary of the IMPROVEMENT areas of your HR practices

  • A heatmap detailing key areas of effective HR, identifying your company’s performance.

  • Alerts for any non-compliant aspect of your HR practices to NZ Employment Legislation.

  • Our recommended 12-month HR plan for your business requirements


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The process is easy!

  1. Overview of Process:

    A HR Business Partner would meet with you to discuss the overall process and decide which areas of your business you would like to be assessed. We identify the timeline for the review (usually 1-2 weeks) and confirm dates.


    Since the Core HR Team will need access to your information (and employment documentation of your staff,) we provide you with a legal non-disclosure agreement signed by us so you feel comfortable your obligations to your employees under the Privacy Act has been met (oh, and your Intellectual Property is safe!)

    Once all the legal stuff is signed, you provide us with the relevant content so we can create a thorough report.


    Your HR Business Partner would conduct a small interview with a Senior Manager or lead (usually whoever has overall responsibility for people processes), so we can better understand how your frameworks and practices are applied in your business operations.

  4. content review

    Our Team would then undertake a thorough review of your content (policies, procedures, templates, files, processes, practices) to assess suitability against best-practice HR frameworks, employment legislation and most importantly, your business operations!


    your HR Business partner would then present a detailed report on our findings, complete with our recommended annual plan. If we think we can help you, we would also provide you a no-obligation proposal for a service package customised to your needs.


You probably won’t believe us, but this offer is FREE*. Yes….


If you have read our About Us page, you know why! We genuinely want to bring HR to the businesses who would most benefit. If our report and plan can make a difference (even if you don’t need our help to implement it) we are closer to our goal of creating EXCEPTIONAL EMPLOYERS.

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*depending on your requirements of course!

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There’s always terms and conditions to be eligible! Here is the breakdown of ours:

  • You will need to give us access to your frameworks, processes, systems and files. You can supervise any access (or just download whatever is relevant) but so we can give you a thorough report we will need to see everything HR!

  • To be eligible for a FREE review, your organisation should have less than 100 headcount and no current HR in-house HR management. If you do have a current HR department (or more than 100 people) then please contact us for custom quotes.