Core HR Manager is the ideal Human Resource Management solution for small businesses. Outsourcing to CoreHR can help reduce your administrative workload so you have more time to focus on your business objectives. It’s just like having your very own HR manager!


We know that managing a team of staff can be both rewarding and hard work. Our professional Core HR Manager service provides exceptional outsource support for small businesses so you’ll have all the hard work taken care of.  We run a full health check of your business and design a comprehensive plan to target the areas that need it most.


Core HR Manager is a dedicated HR Business Partner who will work regular hours onsite in your business each month. Your team will have personal access to an HR expert who will provide your employees with the support and relevant documentation they need from their first day on the job to the last.  Your managers will be supported to effectively manage their people to achieve their very best.


We provide employees and people managers with full access to our automated Human Resource Management System, enableHR. You’ll also receive a qualified HR expert who will:

  • Manage your specific HR needs with a plan that covers policies and procedures, on-boarding programmes, exit processes, job analysis and design, performance management and compliance

  • Handle performance appraisals, remuneration reviews, employee engagement surveys and other HR activities

  • Provide advice to employees, and coaching for leaders & managers

  • Regularly report to business leads on HR metrics

  • Manage your legal obligations and keep your HR policies up to date.

“Having someone with the knowledge and expertise to handle employment matters leaves me free to actually do the marketing and promotion side of things. I have more time for client relationships, which is really important for my business.”

-          Julia, Owner, Driving Miss Daisy

 “They’ve really helped with lightening the load in the HR area. They helped to teach a relatively new management team about all the different processes they needed to know, which brought a bit more structure to our decision-making. It made it easier to implement things faster”

-          Aneisha, Commercial Sales Manager, French Country Collections

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