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Core Payroll provides payroll services for small businesses at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house officer – but with all the control and visibility.  


Core HR makes managing payroll simple. We’ll take care of all your calculations and make sure your employees are paid correctly. You’ll save on the expense of an internal payroll resource while ensuring your staff are being accurately recognised for the work they do.


Core Payroll provides you a personal Payroll Officer, who will administer all your payroll activities.  With Core Payroll we:

  • Calculate your weekly/fortnightly/monthly payroll

  • Manage your tax and PAYE obligations, including IRD return filing

  • Ensure you meet legislative obligations such as holiday pay and KiwiSaver

  • Handle any other required payments such as Student Loans or Child Support

  • Onboard new staff

  • Assess final pay including holiday and leave balances

Our Core Payroll service can also include provision of our automated payroll system (SmartPayroll), as well as electronic leave applications and timesheets SmartPayroll can even take care of any Australian employees you may have and ensure you are compliant under Australian legislation.  

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