Core Payroll takes away the time consuming (and stressful!) process of managing your payroll, ensuring your employees get paid correctly and all your tax and kiwisaver obligations are met.

Our Core Payroll service means that we:

  • Calculate your weekly / fortnightly / monthly payroll

  • Manage your tax and PAYE obligations, including IRD return filing

  • Ensure you meet your any legislative requirements, including holiday pay calculations and kiwisaver contributions and obligations

  • Handle any other required payments (such as Student LoanChild Support or Court ordered deductions)

  • Onboard new starters

  • Assess any final pays including holiday and leave balances

Core Payroll minimises the time and effort taken to administer payroll.  As part of this service, we provide you with the best Payroll Software and provide automated payroll processes, such as electronic leave applications and timesheets.

We aren’t a typical third party Payroll Provider (where you end up doing most of the work anyway!), we are hands-on, communicating directly with your Managers and Employees on all things Payroll.

Our system also has an Australian division so if you have employees based in Australia, payroll can be aligned with your NZ business, while ensuring compliance with the Australian Modern Awards, State Legislation, Payroll Tax, PAYG and Superannuation Guarantee.

Our cost-effective pricing saves you the expense of an internal Payroll resource, as well as giving you the confidence your staff are being paid correctly and recognised for the work they do!

For more information on Core Payroll, contact one of our Payroll consultants today!

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