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Effectively managing Health & Safety (H&S) is essential to protect your employees, and your business.  Core Health & Safety is our best practice H&S solution; we keep you up-to-date with legislation changes and make sure your business stays compliant. Most importantly, make sure your employees stay safe!

Core Health & Safety provides you with a dedicated H&S Specialist who will regularly be onsite to spend time with your employees, people managers and H&S representatives. Your H&S Specialist will manage all H&S activities, providing advice and guidance on any issue which may arise.

We complete an initial safety check at your business site(s) to review current risks and liabilities for your business and develop an action plan to address any issues.

We provide your business with best-practice frameworks to manage your Health and Safety risks, creating hazard registers and site plans.  We also help you manage these processes including Hazard and Risk reporting, Accident and Incident reporting and investigations, Emergency ProceduresContractor Safety management, Workplace InspectionsPPE and Safety Equipment registers

Our focus is on prevention, but in the event of an incident you will have access to our remote support team - including 24/7 access to our Helpdesk for serious harm incidents.

As part of this service package, you are also provided with an H&S Information System so all your Health and Safety processes are automated.  We save you time, by removing dated paper-based processes, and providing the ability for your employees and managers to complete all activities (from Accident and Incident Reporting to accessing Health and Safety Policies) online.

We will be your trusted Health and Safety expert, providing you with best-practice safety solutions at a fraction of the cost and saving you the administration headache.

To ensure you are providing a healthy and safe working environment for your employees, contact us today!

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