Ensuring your business complies with the Health and Safety Act is essential to protect your employees, your business and you personally. 


Keeping on top of your Health and Safety in the workplace can be time consuming – but you don’t necessarily have to employ one person for the job. By outsourcing health and safety to Core HR, you can leave health and safety to the experts. We ensure your business stays compliant and your employees stay safe!


Core Health and Safety consultants will complete an initial safety check at your business site(s) to assess any current risks and liabilities. We then provide a best-practice plan to manage your Health and Safety processes.


We provide you with full access to our automated Health & Safety System. You’ll also have access to your own personal Health & Safety Specialist expert and receive frameworks to help you manage::

·         hazard and risk reporting

·         accident and incident reporting and investigations

·         emergency procedures

·         contractor safety management

·         workplace inspections

·         PPE and safety equipment registers.

In the event of an incident, you’ll also have access to our support team and 24/7 access to our Significant Incident Helpdesk.

We will be your trusted Health and Safety expert, providing you with best practice safety solutions at a fraction of the cost and saving you the administration headache.

To ensure you are providing a healthy and safe working environment for your employees, contact us today!

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