Our Preferred Payroll System


Smart Payroll is an easy-to-use online payroll system. Smart Payroll makes it simple to pay employees and contractors and send reports to the IRD.

With Smart Payroll, you can feel confident in meeting your payroll obligations. Smart Payroll also provides a user-friendly interface for your Employees, Managers and Payroll Officers with mobile app and cloud-based access to the system.

Why we love Smart Payroll:

  • Electronic Timesheets!

  • Electronic Leave Forms!

  • Manager Approval Portal!

  • Cloud-based system, meaning payroll processing from anywhere!

  • Integration with XERO!

  • Super-easy calculation of PAYE and Kiwisaver!

  • Able to process Australian Payroll !

  • No set up fee!

  • Extremely cost effective!

Smart Payroll makes payroll a breeze! Core HR can provide Smart Payroll as a stand-alone system, or check out our Core Payroll package, where we provide a full service package and Smart Payroll comes free!

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