“I asked Core HR to assist me with some HR issues that were affecting my business. As a small business operator, I am not proficient in the legislation but am aware of the risks should we get it wrong. Core HR quickly understood what our position was and offered sound advice and guidance to deal with the situation which ended with positive results all round. They responded quickly and even gave us a few pointers on how we could improve our processes in the future. I’ll definitely be using Core HR for advice and guidance in the future.”


“Having someone with the knowledge and expertise to handle employment matters leaves me free to actually do the marketing and promotion side of things. I have more time for client relationships, which is really important for my business.

You really can’t underestimate the value of having their HR help and expertise. As a new business owner, you’re suddenly aware that you’re liable for different things so it’s a safeguard for yourself and the business. With Core taking care of those things, you’ve got the reassurance that you’re doing it correctly.

They’re friendly, really easy to deal with. You certainly don’t feel like you’re dealing with a big cold corporate.”


“I’d looked up some other companies online, but they were a bit slow to respond and they didn’t quite have what I needed. Core had the whole package I was looking for. They were fantastic – really quick responses and really clear in what we needed.

The documentation they send through was really well-presented and well-written. Some of our old agreements weren’t very clear and the information was very cumbersome. Core has made all that information a lot easier to understand for both us and our employees.

They’re really good at making it simple. They have a wealth of knowledge. If you need something small to be drafted or written up, they’ve got someone for that. If you need some trickier legal HR advice, they’ve got that, too.”


“They’ve really helped with lightening the load in the HR area. They helped to teach a relatively new management team about different all the different processes they needed to know, which brought a bit more structure to our decision-making. It made it easier to implement things faster. They’re amazing – really personable and easy to get to know. One in a trillion …knowledge on a genius level!”


“Core HR provided an Employee Engagement Project which assisted us to understand what we needed to do. We always knew there were things we needed to do, but having the extra hands to find out exactly what that was made it easier. They created us a comprehensive plan which has resonated with the employees and has centered where we need to head as an Employer. Its amazing such a tool can make a really difference, not just to employee morale, but also how we operate... making everything much more efficient and effective. We will definitely be using Core HR for years to come”


“Core HR have been a knowledgeable and supportive source for all the information I needed in my start up business. The team provided all I required to set myself up as an employer and helped point me in the right direction on how to structure my salary packages. I am confident everything is covered, and they are always there to lend a supportive ear”


“Instead of us searching through hundreds of CVs, they processed the ad and found a shortlist for us.

It made everything a lot more efficient, which allowed us to get on with the rest of our business.

They’re easy to deal with and they’re really nice people. Whenever we asked them to find someone, they found someone. Each one of the new staff members has stayed on with us, so it shows they were the right people for the job.”


“Core HR are wonderful!  The absolutely best experience I have ever had applying for a job.  She always kept me updated and was constantly communicating.  Ive been in my job for 5 months now and I can honestly say, she really nailed what the job is, and how the company operated.  It is exactly what I pictured.  To top it off, coming into <the business> on my first day, <Core HR> were there to actively manage every part of the induction.  It was a refreshing experience and has made the start of my job <here> really amazing.  Thanks to the Core HR team!”


“Core HR came onboard just as I took over as CEO and I don’t know what I would do without them.  My HR Business Partner is always available, no matter when I call (which is often!).  The service they provide are well in excess of what a typical Senior HR Manager would provide, better yet a consultancy firm. My Business Partner knows every employee in the business and makes it her mission to ensure this ‘family’ business remains true to its values, regardless of having bases in both Australia and NZ.  Our employees have really responded to having a supportive and proactive HR department.  All the HR activity we ever dreamed of, but thought we couldn’t afford, we now have!”