Aircraft interior design company AIM Altitude first approached Core HR after the legislative changes in April. Office manager Alice McQuilkan said that several of their policy documents were out of date, including their employment agreements and Contract for Services.

Core HR also updated their Code of Conduct so it could be applied across the both employees and contractors, and ensured all templates were aligned. They’re now working with Aim to review their Performance Management, Complaints & Grievances and Intellectual Property Policies.

Alice said they were impressed with Core HR from the start. “I’d looked up some other companies online, but they were a bit slow to respond and they didn’t quite have what I needed. Core had the package I was looking for. They were fantastic – really quick responses and really clear in what we needed.”

 Core HR have now been instrumental in improving AIM’s internal documentation. They helped explain what they needed to include in their employment contracts and why. They also created a variable clauses sheet for their employment contracts, which means they can now add and remove clauses on a case-by-case basis. Alice says this has improved their employee systems immensely. “Our contracts never used to mention things like providing equipment to employees or contractors. Now our contracts have clauses about phones and laptops. The variables sheet means we can add things in and take them out as we need to, so now we can add in things like life insurance or overtime payments that we don’t necessarily need in every contract.”

 Alice said that Core HR’s advice was invaluable when it came to create a contract that covered every aspect of the job. “When you’re an employer, it’s easy to think ‘oh, we won’t need to mention that.’ But Core were able to show us situations where we would need to mention something.”

 Core HR have also been available for advice when they need it. AIM recently had a tricky situation regarding a new employee who was covering someone on maternity leave. Core HR were able to provide advice on how to present the position and suggest which route to take.  “The documentation they send through it really well-presented and well-written. Some of our old contracts weren’t very clear and the information was very cumbersome. Core has made all that information a lot clearer.”

  She says Core HR are an ‘awesome team’ that she would recommend to any small business. “They’re really good at making it simple. They have a wealth of knowledge. If you need something drafted or written up, they’ve got someone for that. If you need proper legal HR advice, they’ve got that, too.”