FRANCHISE & HR SUPPORT SUCCESS STORY - Julia, Owner, Driving Miss Daisy

 When Julia purchased her franchise Driving Miss Daisy, she was fresh from a career in the public service. Running a business was completely new – so she needed a helping hand.              

Fortunately, Core HR were the perfect solution.

“They were there right from the start to help me with the legal side of things, especially in employing new staff and transitioning the previous staff,” Julia said.

Core HR took care of the employment contracts for her staff and made sure they were updated to reflect current legislation. They also helped get all the right systems were in place for her payroll, which was a lifesaver for Julia’s particular business.

“I have drivers working unpredictable hours all the time, so it’s been really helpful to have CoreHR’s advice in terms of breaks and leave entitlements. Core has been able to help with my queries on drivers’ time, making sure I’m paying the right amount and that they’re receiving the right amount.”

Now four months on, Julia’s staff has increased to five. She recently added a new driver to her fleet with the help of Core HR’s Recruiter service.

“Having someone with the knowledge and expertise to handle employment matters leaves me free to actually do the marketing and promotion side of things. I have more time for client relationships, which is really important.”

She says that other business owners would certainly benefit from CoreHR’s services, especially when starting fresh. 

“You really can’t underestimate the value of having that sort of help and expertise there. As a new business owner, you’re suddenly aware that you’re liable for different things so it’s a safeguard for yourself and the business. With Core taking care of those things, you’ve got the reassurance that you’re doing it correctly.”

Best of all, the team are always just a phone call away.

“They’re friendly, really easy to deal with. You certainly don’t feel like you’re dealing with a big cold corporate.”

If you’re a new business owner looking for help with your HR, managing payroll or creating employee contracts, get in touch with the team at CoreHR.