RETAIL HR SUPPORT SUCCESS STORY - Aneisha, Commercial Sales Manager, French Country

French Country Collections had been managing their own HR tasks for some time before they realised they needed a helping hand. They especially needed HR consultants in performance management who could cater for both their New Zealand and Australian operations. So, when their own HR staff member moved on, they approached CoreHR.

Commercial Sales Manager Aneisha Brown said CoreHR were able to handle their needs from the start. Like many family-owned businesses, they had become a little stuck in their own ways. Core helped to open their eyes up to the bigger picture. “They had a lot more resources than our current practises had. They were able to help us bring everything up to industry standards.”

French Country Collections have now been outsourcing to CoreHR for over a year. In that time, CoreHR have helped them in a number of areas, including recruitment, on-boarding, training, performance management and management coaching. Core have also provided advice and support for their policies and procedures and made sure their contracts are up-to-date.

Aneisha said that as Core’s HR consulting was particularly helpful for French Country Collection’s management restructuring.  “Because we’re a company operating in two different countries it was really helpful to be able to outsource those changes in a way that was positive for all employees.”

Although their business model was ‘pretty unique’, Aneisha said that Core were able to jump in and help in a number of areas, from retail operation to logistics, sales and everything in between. They helped to define and implement the KPIs for their commercial sales team, as well as creating team management profiles that helped maximise their potential. Most importantly, CoreHR’s work is always backed up with research and analytics.

 “They’ve really helped with lightening the load in the HR area. They helped to teach a relatively new management team about different all the different processes they needed to know, which brought a bit more structure to our decision-making. It made it easier to implement things faster.

Aneisha said the CoreHR team itself was fantastic to deal with. “They’re amazing – really personable and easy to get to know. Layne is one in a trillion – her knowledge is on a genius level!”

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