RECRUITMENT SUCCESS STORY - Kevin, Regional Manager, Signode

As a major manufacturing company in both New Zealand and Australia, Signode have a fair bit on their plate when it comes to HR. So when Signode needed new staff to fill two sales roles and a service technician role, Regional Manager, Kevin Smith went straight to Core HR’s Recruiter service.

He said they were invaluable as a ‘sounding board’ when it came to finding the right workers and took care of every step of the recruitment and pre-employment process.

“They were also able to offer us casual advice around staff issues and give us some info regarding the new laws that had come into legislation,” he said. “Instead of us searching through hundreds of CVs, they processed the ad and found a shortlist for us. From there, all we had to do was interview them”

Once Signode had selected their candidates, Core HR assisted in advising on the role and providing other checks such as psychometric tests. They also managed the police checks and the health medicals.

“It made everything a lot more efficient, which allowed us to get on with the rest of our business.”

Core HR also came to the rescue when Signode needed to urgently fill a customer service role after it became available overnight.  Despite the short notice, Core HR were able to quickly create a temporary admin role and find a suitable candidate. Core HR’s online timesheet portal for temporary staff was excellent and made the wage-paying process much simpler

Before discovering Core HR, Signode had used several different recruitment agencies with varying success. He said they made the right choice with the Core HR Recruiter.

 “They’re easy to deal with and they’re really nice people. Whenever we asked them to find someone, they found someone. Each one of the new staff members has stayed on with us, so it shows they were the right people for the job.”

If you’re needing new staff for specific roles – but you don’t have the time or resources to find them – give Core HR a call . Core Recruiter takes care of the whole process!